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600W Power Inverter Black

600W Power Inverter Black

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RS PRO 600 W Fixed Installation DC-AC Power Inverter, 12 V / 230 V

This 600 W fixed installation DC to AC power inverter is a compact electrical device that can be attached to a car battery and used to charge appliances. The inverter converts the direct current (DC) from the car battery to an AC power output, which is the current found in standard wall outlets – an ideal solution when you're on the road.
This inverter generates pure sine wave – a gentle form of AC that’s best suited for sensitive electronics like laptops, digital clocks and smart home devices. It comes encased in durable anodised aluminium, which provides good heat dissipation. Installation is easy thanks to a sturdy chassis mount. This product is protected from over- and under-voltage, reverse polarity and short circuiting, as well as overheating and overload. It meets a range of European standards, including EN 60950-1 on safety in information technology equipment.
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