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20A Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller Regulator For 12V or 24V

20A Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller Regulator For 12V or 24V

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Main Features:
  • Automatic identification of 12V/24V system voltage
  • LED digital display and single key operations which make operation simple and convenient
  • Adopting ternary form charging algorithm. Charge the storage battery in equalizing charge mode once a week. It can prevent battery from imbalance and vulcanization effectively. Battery service life will also be extended
  • Four working modes which made it convenient to use in all kinds of street lamps and monitoring devices
  • External temperature sensor can realize high-precision temperature compensation
  • Has the electricity protection data function. Parameter can be stored if a power system failure. No need to reset again. It is very simple and easy to use
  • Various status indications
  • Over charging protection, over discharging protection, over load, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection
  • TVS lightning protection
Protected against:
  • Overload
  • Excessive discharge
  • Short circuits
  • High voltage
  • Reverse polarity connection
User manual included in packaging.
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