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13 Pin Alignment Tool

13 Pin Alignment Tool

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Enhance your towing experience with our indispensable 13 Pin Alignment Tool, a must-have for caravan and motorhome enthusiasts. Designed for precision, it ensures a seamless connection between your vehicle's towing socket and your trailer. Bid farewell to wiring worries as the alignment tool expertly lines up vital pins, covering lighting, braking, and charging functions. This meticulous alignment eliminates wiring mishaps, ensuring a secure link that travels with you. User-friendly and essential for any towing setup, the 13 Pin Tool guarantees a hassle-free experience, enhancing safety and averting potential issues. Elevate your towing journey today with this tool that redefines convenience and confidence, making your adventures worry-free, effortless and enjoyable.   Here is a great demonstration for how to use the Alignment Tool  
  • Precision alignment ensured by the green cap for a flawless 13-pin plug connection
  • Easily re-align the plug before connecting, ensuring seamless setup
  • Water-tight seal safeguards plug pins during storage or parking
  • Doubles as a plug keeper for added convenience and organization
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