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Carlube Brake Fluid 500ml Dot 4

Carlube Brake Fluid 500ml Dot 4

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Carlube DOT 4 Brake Fluid is a synthetic high quality, high boiling point DOT 4 fluid, designed for use in automotive applications as a hydraulic medium in disc and drum brake systems. The product is based on polyalkylene glycol ethers and ether esters which limit the effect of moisture pick-up during service thus maintaining a high boiling point and resistance to vapour lock. Applications: Carlube DOT 4 Fluid is recommended for automotive type hydraulic brake mechanisms of cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles where either of the performance levels below are recommended. The product can also be used where Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) K2233 is recommended. The product is not for use in mineral oil brake and suspension systems fitted to some Rolls Royce, Citroen and Jaguar models (Refer to vehicle handbook).
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