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Brookstone 6 Pack Microfibre Cleaning Towel Set

Brookstone 6 Pack Microfibre Cleaning Towel Set

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Elevate your cleaning regimen with the Brookstone Microfibre Cleaning Towel Set - a versatile collection of six towels designed to enhance efficiency and cleanliness across a range of tasks. Whether you're delicately dusting surfaces or effortlessly banishing smudges, these towels stand as your indispensable allies in maintaining a spotless environment. Harness the remarkable capabilities of microfibre  technology and relish in consistently achieving a sparkling, streak-free finish that leaves every surface gleaming and pristine.  
  • Specially designed microfibre cloth for washing and drying your vehicle
  • Microfibres attract more dirt than a normal cloth
  • Machine washable
  • Pack of 6, Extra Wide 40cm X 30cm
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