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Comet Roma Mixer Tap with Pushfit Connectors

Comet Roma Mixer Tap with Pushfit Connectors

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Upgrade your caravan or motorhome's kitchen or bathroom with the exquisite Comet Roma Mixer Tap. ideal for a conversion projects or just a replacement. This tap embodies timeless design and practicality, seamlessly fitting into your vehicle's interior. With precise water flow control, durability, and refined aesthetics, it's the perfect addition to your travel experiences. Choose the Comet Roma Mixer Tap to enhance your adventures with functional elegance.
With durability at its core, the Comet Roma Mixer Tap is ready to withstand the challenges of your outdoor escapades while adding a touch of elegance to your space. From leisurely weekends in the English countryside to exciting road trips along the coast, this tap becomes an integral part of your motorhome or caravan journey. The Comet Roma Mixer Tap is the perfect fusion of style and functionality. Experience the joy of a refined and comfortable caravan or motorhome space, complete with the charm that only a quality English product can provide. Choose the Comet Roma to enhance your travel experiences and add a touch of elegance to your adventures.  
  • Designed to fit 33mm installation hole
  • Base Diameter 50mm
  • 300mm 12mm speed fit tails
  • Ideal for conversions and replacements alike
  • includes pushfit connectors
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