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Holts Puncture Repair 400ml

Holts Puncture Repair 400ml

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Tyreweld Emergency Puncture Repair is designed to temporarily seal a puncture and get you back on the road without needing to change a tyre. With a specially designed formula, this all-in-one solution repairs and reinflates without damaging the tyre, so you can safely continue on your journey. No one likes getting a flat tyre and attempting to change the wheel at the roadside can be dangerous and inconvenient. Tyreweld provides a simple solution, sealing and reinflating the tyre in a matter of minutes and allowing you to drive for up to 100 miles.
  • Quick and easy emergency puncture repair
  • No tools or jack needed
  • Gets you back on the road fast
  • No damage to tyre guaranteed
  • Drive up to 100 miles
  • Safe non-toxic formula
  • Washes out of tyres easily after use
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