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Truma Ultraflow Replacement Filter

Truma Ultraflow Replacement Filter

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  • Mainly for use with the Ultraflow Filter Housing; however, it is also compatible with the Crystal II Filter Housing System.
  • Put an end to unpleasant smells, tastes and colours in your water supply.
  • Make the right choice – a high quality, longer-lasting filter which is great value for money and designed to be more eco-friendly.
After installation, please drain off the first few litres of water until it runs clear. Then, use the dial on your filter housing as a guide to replace the filter, Approx. 35 days after installation! Features and Benefits
  • High standard of water filtration
  • Easily changeable
  • Interchangeable with crystal 2 filter system
Replacement filter compatible with Crystal 2
  • Longer lifetime: 35 days!
  • No loose carbon particles in the water system
  • Less waste after replacement
  • More efficiency
This filter is made of natural products!
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