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ZIG CF8 Charger - Black

ZIG CF8 Charger - Black

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Fully automatic electronic charging plus 230/12v conversion. 12A max charge depending on battery state. Up to 4.5A continuous current on transformer. Features include 3 x 10A switched and fused outlets for the vehicle accessories, battery condition monitor, automatic self re-setting, current overload and thermal trip.

• Automatic electronic charging control.
• Suitable for touring, motorised caravans and boats.
• Mains battery charging, up to 12 amps depending on battery state.
• Charging from vehicle or boat generator.
• Mains voltage to 12v conversion - up to 4.5amps continuous current.
• Switched selection of source, car, boat or auxiliary battery.
• Double pole illuminated mains switch.
• Safety - The C.F.8 Incorporates no less than 6 protection devices to eliminate overheating and overcurrent problems.
• Complies with I.E.C. and SMMT regulations.

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