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SIMONIZ Gloss Dash Cleaner

SIMONIZ Gloss Dash Cleaner

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Interior plastics can get dull and dirty, but you can restore them easily for a glossy, professional looking finish. Simoniz Gloss Dash Cleaner cleans, restores and provides an instant long lasting gloss shine to all interior plastics. The anti-static formula reduces dirt and dust build up to help keep your dashboard clean. Spray Gloss Dash Cleaner directly onto the surface then wipe with a soft, clean cloth. It will clean and provide an instant long lasting gloss shine, to make your dashboard and plastic surfaces look like new.
  • Cleans and shines interior dash, plastic and trim
  • Reduces appearance of scuffs and marks
  • Leaves surfaces looking like new
  • Leaves a fresh citrus fragrance
  • Delivers a deep gloss finish
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