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Mobile Mains Power Unit

Mobile Mains Power Unit

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Mobile mains power unit, with 2 built in USB Ports is the perfect way of providing mains electricity into your tent/awning. Featuring 15 meters of waterproof cable and a splash proof mains unit (that will be inside your tent/awning) 3 x UK sockets with RCD protection and 2 USB ports, it’s the perfect way of charging your phone/tablet or running your heater and toaster.
  • 3 x IP54 3 pin UK sockets with covers
  •  H05VV-F 3G1.5mm 15m cable with 16A 250V CEE plug
  •  USB Ports: 2 x 5V, 2.1A~
  •  Maximum current load: 13 Amps
  • IP44: Splash proof
  •  RCD overload protection trip and reset switch
  •  Power indicator
  •  Certification: CE, UKCA
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