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TUNAP 183 Additive Diesel System Cleaner Sold Individually

TUNAP 183 Additive Diesel System Cleaner Sold Individually

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Keeping your engine clean and protected is vital in order to maintain your cars’ optimum performance and help save on costly repairs. Dirty injectors can result in decreased performance, higher fuel consumption and can reduce their overall life span. If you notice your car is experiencing high fuel consumption, hesitation when accelerating, or irregular running when idle, then TUNAP Professional 183 System Agent Concentrate could be your solution. When used regularly it protects injectors from fuel-induced deposits and lowers fuel consumption and emissions. Key Benefits:
  • Deposits on injectors are cleaned away
  • Injectors are protected for up to 10,000 miles
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower emissions
  • Better performance
  • Protects against poor fuel quality
Sold Individually 
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